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This page contains our Associate Members, Professional Members [Architects and Engineers] and Suppliers.

Associate Members
Professional Members

Associate Members

Buttice Forest Products, Inc.

Dennis Buttice, President

3743 Lytle Blvd
PO Box 216
Vale, OR 97918

(F) 541.473.2900

Buttice Forest Products was founded in 1994 and their line of business includes distributing lumber, plywood and millwork. They take a lot of inland production of Lam Stock. Buttice Forest Products also manufactures coast Lam Stock and sells other production of coast Lam Stock.

Dajon Associates, Inc.

Jonathan Strauss, President
David Strauss, Vice President

12 Dyatt Place
Hackensack, NJ 07601

(F) 201.883.0116

Dajon Associates specializes in the structural repair and reinforcement of all glued laminated and solid sawn structures including arches, beams and roof trusses. They furnish and erect glued laminated arches, beams, trusses and decking for commercial and institutional construction. They are recognized for many historical preservation projects. Their structural repair unit incorporates several different techniques including: Inspection and evaluation of all timber structures, 24-hour emergency shoring, direct replacement of compromised members, post tensioning of bowstring trusses and re-lamination of glued laminated members by epoxy injection.

Enterprise Engineering Consultants, Ltd.

Daniel P. Seymour, President

710 French St
PO Box 163
Peshtigo, WI 54157

(F) 715.582.4975

EEC provides laminated wood and heavy timber engineering and shop drawing service.

Glue-Lam Erectors, Inc.

Rory Wray, President

6 Trafalgar Square
PO Box 10
Trafalgar, IN 46181

(F) 317.878.9727

Laminated Wood Design, Inc.

Bernard A. Janarelli, President

120 Mountfort Rd.
Yarmouth, ME 04096


Laminated Wood Design has over 36 years in the sales, promotion and design of structural glued laminated timber projects in the New England area with Uanalam.

Laminated Wood Systems, Inc.

Robert A. Reisdorff, President

1327 285th St
PO Box 386
Seward, NE 68434

(F) 402.643.4374

LWS is a supplier of engineered wood structures for both the electric utility and telecom industries.

Leslie Structural Sales LL

Randy K. Leslie, Owner

3514 Lee Terrace Rd
PO Box 12400
Omaha, NE 68112

(F) 402.451.0242

R.M. Rodgers, Inc.

R. Max Rodgers, Jr., President

5322 W Bellfort St., Suite 107
Houston, TX 77035-3034


R.M. Rodgers, Inc. is a distributor and subcontractor of glulam construction. They represent Structural Wood Systems (glulam) and Disdero Lumber Co. (Lock-Deck) in Texas. R.M. Rodgers has been helping architects, structural engineers, owners, and general contractors use structural glulam timber and T&G roof decking since 1967.

Structural Roof Systems, Inc.

Charles A. Martin, President

2703 NW 55th Court
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

(F) 954.484.4421

Structural Roof Systems provides engineered structural heavy timber roof and floor systems. Their Trade Categories:
• Rough Carpentry
• Heavy Timber Construction
• Glu-Laminated Beams
• Wood Roof Decking
• Pre-Fabricated Timber Trusses

Timber Systems, LLC.

Roger L. Harris

162 S. Saginaw Street
Lapeer, MI 48446

(F) 810.245.6214

Timber Systems is a full-service wood structural supplier providing engineering and design, fabrication and installation of glued laminated and solid sawn heavy timber.

Trennah Detailing, LLC

Bill Grigsby, President

936 Willie Green Road
London, Kentucky 40741               


Trennah Detailing, LLC has provided glulam/heavy timber shop drawings to fabricators, engineers and owners for over 40 years.

Western Wood Structures, Inc.

Steve Turner, President

PO Box 130
20675 SW 105th Avenue
Tualatin, OR 97062

(F) 503.692.6434

Western Wood Structures, Inc. was founded in 1969 by a team of timber construction specialists with many combined years’ experience in the design, sale, manufacture and installation of Glulam systems. Their primary focus includes the wholesale distribution of glued laminated beams and arches, heavy timber trusses and treated timber bridges. They offer in-house custom fabrication services as well as field services that include the installation of wood roof systems, and the inspection repair and upgrading of distress glulam beams and Bowstring trusses.

Wood Construction Systems, Inc.

George J. Kocsis, President

PO Box 213
414 Sherwood Avenue
Dunmore, PA 18512

(F) 570.344.6015

Wood Construction Systems, Inc. is involved with structural exposed cathedral roof systems. They supply heavy timber construction materials for timer trusses, beams and wood arches. These structures require solid or laminated timber, solid or laminated wood roof deck.

Wood Research & Development

Daniel A. Tingley, Engineer

PO Box 50
Jefferson, OR 97352


One of Wood Research & Development’s (WRD’s) specialties is the in-situ nondestructive testing of timber structures. WRD uses the proprietary EPHOD process, which is a non-destructive technique use onsite to determine reduced strength due to decay and cavities.
Following the inspections, WRD engineers and technicians use the EPHOD technology and many other non-destructive testing techniques to develop recommendations for repair and refurbishments of wood structures.
WRD is IAS certified as a Test Lab and Inspection Agency. They offer a wide range of timber testing techniques for large and small-scale projects.

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Supplier Members

Hexion, Inc.

Maureen Galbreath, Sr. Admin Assistant

610 S. 2nd Street
Springfield, OR 97477


Hexion’s Forest Products Division is the global leader in supplying resins, adhesives and wax emulsions to the forest products industry.  Customers use our materials to manufacture a wide range of composite and engineered wood products including plywood, particleboard, oriented strandboard, medium density fiberboard, structural beams, furniture, mouldings and millwork.

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