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AITC Certified Glulam Manufacturers

The following companies are AITC Qualified Licensees, certified by AITC to manufacture glulam. For information about Structural Timber Fabrication, please see our Fabrication page.

Structural Wood Systems

Greenville, AL 36037

Structural Wood Systems is a leading custom manufacturer of top quality structural glued laminated timber. Regardless of the size or complexity of your application, Structural Wood Systems can meet your requirements. Structural Wood Systems is a full-service single source capable of satisfying all your requirements for glued laminated timber, from your initial inquiry through delivery of the finished product. Our manufacturing, engineering and sales facilities in Greenville, Alabama are all at the same location in the heart of southern pine country.


Unadilla, NY 13849

Timber Technologies

Colfax, WI 54730

Sentinel Structures

Peshtigo, WI 54157

Sentinel Structures, Inc. manufactures structural glued laminated timber, “mass timber”, at Peshtigo, Wisconsin, site of the original timber laminating plant in North American, established in 1934. All products are custom made for the particular application. From a simple header to the most complex arch or truss system, the firm has the experience, capability and willingness to tackle all type and size projects. Straight and curved timbers, along with connection steel, hardware and complete fabrication, are provided. A single laminated piece weighing 45,000 pounds has been made at the Peshtigo plant.

In addition to mass timber used for building construction, the firm makes laminated members for use in pedestrian and vehicle bridges; highway noise barriers; electric transmission towers; decorative lighting standards; both new and historic wooden ships and other watercraft; bridge pier bumpers; and rubs rails. Species utilized are southern pine; red pine, white oak, red oak, hard and soft maple; Alaska cedar; teak; mahogany; and many others. Sustainably harvested lumber is used and all wood wastes created in the manufacturing process are utilized for heating the laminating plant.

The Peshtigo laminating plant was a charter member of AITC in 1952 and company personnel have contributed to the creation of and maintaining industry standards from the beginning of the organization.

Rigidply Rafters Inc.

Richland, PA 17087

Laminated Timbers, Inc.

London, KY  40743

D. L. Truss, LLC.

dba Structural Glulam
New Holland, Pennsylvania 17557

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