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Not to be confused with manufacturing (the actual bonding together of laminations), fabrication is the process of cutting, drilling or otherwise modifying structural timbers for the purpose of construction. To see a list our glulam manufacturers (qualified licensees) click here.

AITC Certification for Timber Fabricators

AITC's Certified Fabricators Program was designed to ensure conformance to the International Building Code (IBC). Section 1704.2 of the IBC requires that special inspectors be present during the fabrication of structural load-bearing members and assemblies, including wood fabrications (section 1704.6). Section 1704.2.2 offers an exception when a fabricator has a fabrication program in place. Our program is designed to fulfill this requirement allowing an AITC Certified Fabricator to avoid the costly and time consuming requirement for special inspectors. Currently, there are no accredited wood fabrication special inspectors in the United States, making the fulfillment of this requirement impossible without some sort of approved fabrication program.

Featured Certified Fabricator:

Become Certified:

Getting started. What is the process? How long will it take?
Application and fees.

Download a sample manual with fill-in-the-blank procedures.

The Standard and Supporting Documentation:

AITC 115 - Standard for Fabricated Structrual Glued Laminated Timber Components and Assemblies.

If you have questions, please contact us at the AITC headquarters.


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