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Tudor Arch Design Method Published
The publication, Tudor Arch Design for Structural Glued Laminated Timber is available for purchase! The price for a printed copy is $15 for non-members, or $7.50 for Members. Soft copies are available on CD on request for $10, $5 for Members. Please go to the Publications page to place your order, or contact this office.

Announcing the Sixth Edition Timber Construction Manual
The Sixth Edition of the highly regarded AITC Timber Construction Manual will be available very shortly. It replaces the current version which was published in 2005, and includes:

  • Additional information for timber bridge design for both allowable stress design, and load & resistance factor design methodologies,
  • A new chapter for meeting building code requirements for fire safety,
  • The latest wood design information from the 2012 National Design Specification for Wood Construction,
  • More cross-references to other AITC standards and specifications, and,
  • A greater number of design examples for using structural glued laminated timber.

For 60 years, the American Institute of Timber Construction has been the national technical trade association of the structural glued laminated timber industry. AITC-recommended building and design codes for wood-based structures are considered authoritative in the United States building industry.

The price for the 6th Edition Timber Construction Manual will be $105 which includes shipping and handling. Watch our website for availability of this new and improved version!! Get the brochure here.


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